More than just digitisation...

As well as archive digitisation offer a full range of related services including editing, keywording and online commerce enabled database systems.


Where you have large archives we can offer you the opportunity of identifying those images that have strong sales potential. Our team of experienced picture editors will browse your collections and highlight those images that have immediate commercial value.


Our experienced team of indexers are able to offer a comprehensive indexation service enabling you to access your images and documents quickly and efficiently. Working with you we will identify your metadata needs and develop a taxonomy and keyword structure to categorise your collections. Our use of controlled vocabulary ensures an accurate and structured approach to indexing and retrieval. All indexing will take place in our London office using our digital asset management system where we will assign keywords and free text captions to your images.

Digital Asset Management Systems and Web Enabled Databases is able to offer Digital Asset Management software solutions and fully commerce enabled web based systems. Please call for details.