Object Photography

You can now have your objects / packshots shot on a selection of studio digital cameras. With file sizes of up to 500mb for still life subjects, film is now a thing of the past.

Museum Exhibits

Museum exhibits and paintings can be shot on the clients premises for obvious reasons! Using the Phase One Powerphase scanning back camera along with our continuos lighting set ups can produce file sizes upto 500mb in size, resulting in files that exceed the quality only previously achieved with 10 x 8 sheet film.


You can now have your pack shots collected and photographed in our London studio, same day if necessary*, at sizes of up to 30mb,suitable for reproduction to A4 size at a resolution of 300dpi.

Art direction is available for an additional fee.

* same day service applies to London addresses only and is subject to pre-booking and a maximum number of items.

Live Action Photography

We have photographers and equipment available for event photography.