Retouching and restoration

In an ideal world all images would have saleable content, be of the highest quality, free of blemishes and untouched by the rigours of time. Truth is, a truly great picture often has faults, it's the nature of the beast, capturing that split second moment of history is an achievement in its self, getting the settings correct too is an added bonus!


Old film can degrade to an astonishing degree, to the extent that it can be deemed unusable. Using our exclusive range of colour conversion tables we are able to reclaim the lost and faded colours and therefore bring your old pictures back to life. Every archive has it's 'unusable pile' , send us a couple of samples from yours and we'll show you how we can get them back in circulation and earning money for you.


The capability of our experienced team of retouchers is limited only by your imagination. From the simple removal of scratches tears and blemishes to montaging and the application of "digital make-up" we regularly achieve the seemingly impossible.